Cross-cultural communication and injured pride

The spokesperson of a Chinese incubator told me a story that kept him away from Germany for the past years: 2 years ago he accompanied a famous Chinese artist, Chen Danqing to Berlin. The trip was sponsored by National Geography magazine. A tourism office in Berlin was the partner of this program and arranged a crowded schedule for the artist. When the artist refused to follow this schedule and insisted on taking the tour on his own wish, Berlin officials felt offended. They demanded an apology from the organizer of this tour and stopped cooperating with NG since then. “When we did the tour in Istanbul and Moscow, local tourism office had no problem with it at all!” The spokesperson laughed bitterly. Injured pride is the biggest obstacle in cross-cultural communications, it seems.

4th and 5th Party: Welcoming Chinese contemporary art and Asian Tea in Berlin

Dear Chuan’rs and Chuan’r’s friends,

Time to announce our plan for December. Although I was glad to hear that I should get an award from Kreuzberg district government for bringing people here to discover its charming corners, it is still nice to wander a bit in the city for a change.

In December we will have two parties, one in Mitte, the other in Charlottenberg. Continue reading 4th and 5th Party: Welcoming Chinese contemporary art and Asian Tea in Berlin

Riesling for Chuan’r’s 3rd Party

The crowdedness of the third party exceeded our expectations. The number of participants doubled that of the second party and we saw many new faces. Each one had interesting stories of his/her own to tell. In the chic and friendly space of Not-Only-Riesling, Chuan’rs enjoyed not only riesling and snacks from our considerate host Katharina, but also Cai Wei’s informed talk with fascinating details from the urban planning in Berlin and China.

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