What is Chuan’r?

Chuan’r is a Berlin-based monthly event serving as the gateway for the exchanges of creative and innovation sectors between China and Germany.

What is Chuan’r Club?

Chuan’r Club is a community for artists, professionals, and entrepreneurs – particularly in the IT, innovation and creative industries, who have lived in China or have a close professional connection to it interested in Europe-China information exchanges with global vision. It holds regular talks given by leading scholars/researchers, prominent art and cultural figures and business leaders from or related to China, followed by lively cocktail parties. It provides the up-to-date, first-hand knowledge of the new developments in Chinese business, social and cultural sectors, and stimulates interesting discussion/projects online and offline. It aims at cultivating a fun, productive professional network and promising projects between Europe and China.

In Chuanr Club, you can:

  • participate and/or initiate community events and online discussions
  • write about your professional experience related to China
  • raise questions about China related to your profession/expertise/interest, or answer them
  • look for people/organizations/companies as your partner for future Europe-China related projects

About the Logo:

Chuan’r, or 串儿 in Chinese, is Beijing dialect for a popular street food: barbecue. As a verb, 串 means “to connect people, things, ideas, etc.”.