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B2B: from Beijing to Berlin


Berlin is the rising center of prosperity and creativity in Europe, say many. Some are cynical about this prophecy. Not me. 20 years ago I heard similar things about Beijing, and Beijing did become one of the most exciting places in the world to seek wealth, creativity and adventures, at least for 2 decades or so. Berlin has a much more sustainable prospect: a social democratic tradition to hold Gini coefficient from rocketing, and many green-minded citizens to prevent the Beijing-style pollution.

My “B2B” move — from Beijing to Berlin – happened about 2 years ago, but my love affair with Berlin started much earlier, when I visited Europe for the first time in 2003. Over the years, not only the young, intelligent and ambitious creative class flushes into cool Berlin, traditional industries are also looking for inspiration here. Despite obvious differences, many things here look very similar to those in Beijing: vibrant and colorful trees of the future growing on top of the heavy weight of history and complicated challenges of the present.

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