Chuanr #7: The Emperor is Sick — What Chinese Read on Their Mobiles Today

Dear Chuanr and Chuanr’s friends,

Greetings from Kreuzberg!

I’m happy to introduce our next Chuanr guest speaker, who has been an old friend: Jing Bartz, or Wang Jing (as we call her in Chinese), who has been the prominent figure bridging the publishing industries between China and Europe. Many of you might have known her very well.

Formerly managing the China office of Hachette and BIZ of Frankfurt Book Fair, Jing has done remarkable contribution to the internalization of China’s publishing world for more than a decade. She has introduced many Chinese writers to Europe, and vice versa. Her current column on (the online publication of Hu Shuli’s Caixin Group) is my favorite: she writes, with genuine affection and good sense of humor, about the Chinese writers (many of them old friends of hers) – who they are, what they are like, how they deal with an insanely rapid-changing society, and with a world that still largely sees Chinese literature as exotic decorations.

Will internet change all these? As a witness of China rapid transformation into the digital world, Jing will give a talk about the e-publishing industry of China. What the Chinese are reading on their electronic gadgets these days? What interests are unique and what are universal? How is the Chinese publishing industry dealing with these needs? Jing will offer us an insider’s view.

Our event will be held in two weeks’ time. And thanks to our old friend Katharina of Not Only Riesling, we will enjoy their great wine in this lovely venue again:

Time: 7pm, 25th March, 2015

Venue: Not-only-riesling, Schleiermacherstraße 25, 10961 Berlin

Looking forward to seeing you there!




A Brief CV of Jing Bartz

07/2013-present                  Consultant, moderator, writer, Hamburg, Beijing, Shanghai,  Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig

–          Involved in various projects, including collaborations with    the Bertelsmann Foundation, Ministry of Culture of PR China, Writers Association of China, Frankfurt Book Fair and the Hamburg City government

04/2010-06/2013                    General Manager of Hachette Phoenix Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ldt

–        Established Hachette Livre’s first joint venture in China (with Phoenix Publishing & Media Group)

–        Successfully positioned the pre-school brand ‘Disney Learning” in the Chinese market, resulting in awards from Disney in Market Exploration and Marketing in 2012 and 2013

–        Consistently achieved annual budget targets and management plans

–        Advised and liaised with French and Chinese shareholders

–        Developed and led a team of 28 in areas of finance, HR, editorial, rights, marketing & PR, distribution & sales

07/2009-03/2010                    Managing Director of Creative Publishing Consulting Co. Ltd.  

–          Setting up the first 100% subsidiary of Frankfurt Book Fair outside of Germany

06/2003-03/2010                      Director of German Book Information Center (BIZ) of Frankfurt Book Fair in Beijing

Some projects:

– Negotiation, consulting and coordination of the largest Chinese government’s culture project aboard “China – Guest of Honor of Frankfurt Book Fair 2009” (participation of more than 2,300 Chinese politicians, publishers, authors, intellectuals, artists, reporters, etc., 2,700 sold Chinese copyrights, around 800 events, huge media effect , NYT, WSJ, FT etc. Chinese representative: Xi Jinping, Vice President of China at that time)

–        Marketing & Sales of Frankfurt Book Fair: China counts as the fastest growing country of FBF since 2007

–        Concept Development of “International Digital Content platform” for Ministry of Commerce                                         of China (Mofcom) and Beijing City Government

–        Development and Implementation of strategic and marketing plan for China’s internet literature company, Shanda Literature Limited

–        Script and Production of TV broadcast: Reading Promotion in  Germany (60 min, partner: China Education TV)

– Negotiation, Concept, Organization and Implementation of high-level culture project “Germany: Guest of Honor in Beijing 2007” (100 events, participant of 90 German politicians, publishers, authors, intellectuals, reporters etc.; huge media effect. German representative: Culture Minister Neumann)

-Co-organizer,  speaker and chair at many international conferences and forums, such as General Assembly Annual Conference of International Bookseller Federation 2006, International Publisher Association Congress 2008, China Forum at Frankfurt Book Fair

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