Chuanr #9: Innovation without Borders — IoT Hardware Innovations in Germany and China

Dear Chuanr and Chuanr’s friends,

Long time no see. Apologies for my sudden and long disappearances. Due to some urgent family matters that demanded my full attention and presence, I had to rush back to China in April and stay in my hometown for the past months. Now I have re-settled down in Berlin. It’s time to revive Chuanr upon the end of this turbulent year. I’ve been missing you all, and hope to see you again soon in our coming event.

Photo of Hu Sheen





Speaker #9: Hu Sheen

In a time of uncertainty, Chuanr’s 9th event decides to discuss about how to invent the future. Our speaker is a young and talented Chinese engineer, Hu Sheen, the CTO of Airfy is a Berlin startup focusing on wifi and smart home control hub technologies. Sheen is more than a startup tech geek: as an EU full scholarship winner of European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), Sheen has been a previous student leader of EIT Digital. He is an active figure in the startup scenes connecting Germany and China.

Based on his personal and professional experience and observation, Sheen will give us a talk about the innovations in the area of Internet of Things in both Germany and China. He probably won’t provide an answer to the question “which country is stronger in innovations?”, because a sweeping conclusion can be misleading and won’t help to grasp the full picture. But we will be provided with fascinating pictures by an insider from the technology innovation startups. We will learn more about what is really happening in the current vibe of Berlin and Beijing, and how the younger generation of the world is working together to make a difference for the future world.


Time: 8pm, 10th December, 2015

Venue: Café Italo, Marheinekeplatz 4, 10961 Berlin


This is a beautiful and cozy café located near Not-Only-Riesling. Suitable for the cold winter and provides mulled wine (Glühwein).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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