Chuan’r’s 3rd Party: Comparing City Planning in China and Germany

Dear Chuan’rs and Chuan’r’s friends,

Apologies! A short trip to Paris has delayed my announcement for the 3rd party of Chuan’r, which will be the first Chuan’r party with a colorful presentation. Our guest speaker, Cai Wei, will compare the urban planning of China to that of Germany, based on her professional and personal experience. We will hear very interesting stories on how Chinese and German governments build their cities due to their different decision-making processes.

Time: 7:00 pm, 17th November, 2014

Venue: Not-Only-Riesling, Schleiermacherstraße 25 (am Kreuzberger Marheinekeplatz)
**Please be aware that there are two shops of Not Only Riesling. We are hosting it in the Kreuzberg shop.

Cai Wei received her education in Chengdu, Weimar and Berlin. Besides an active academic life, she has participated in a long list of urban planning projects in both China and Germany, including the design of the ICUC Campus of Hainin, Zhejiang Province, the renovation of Technical museum of Berlin and the expansion of Tegel airport. Her extensive work with Chinese local governments on urban planning has been an adventurous experience to re-learn to be “Chinese”. Her talk will shed some strong light on the permanent and difficult question: Chinese way and German way, which is more efficient?

As usual, a cocktail party will follow the talk for participants to communicate with each other and enjoy themselves. Every guest will buy minimum one drink at the counter, as a thank-you gesture for our host.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

A Brief CV of Cai Wei

Inline image 1

2003 – 2004    architectural studies at Bauhaus University of Weimar (Germany)

2004 – 2009    architectural studies at Berlin University of the Arts in Berlin (Germany)

2009              graduation at Berlin University of the Arts (diploma in architecture (Diplom-Ingenieurin)

2009              registerd as phd candidate at Berlin University of the Arts

2006 – 2007    collaboration with AS & P in Frankfurt (Germany)

2007 – 2009    collaboration with gmp international in Berlin (Germany) and Beijing (China)

2009 – 2011    collaboration with Krischanitz Architekt in Berlin (Germany)

2011 – 2012    collaboration with Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos in Berlin (Germany)

2012              assistant lecturer at Berlin University of the Arts

2012              founder of Buschmeyer + Cai in Berlin (Germany)

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