Chuanr’s 6th Party: National Security or IT-Protectionism? – Chinas Cyber Security Strategy

Dear Chuanrs and Chuanr’s friends,

Have you celebrated the beginning of spring this Wednesday, and eaten Chinese spring roll pancake? (You know, fry a pancake and roll fried eggs, fried bean sprout, fried leek and fried pork inside. Messy food: I never saw anyone eating it without dripping the juice all over his shirt and pants, but very tasty…) Anyway, it’s good to finally have the spring here, at least nominally.

For our February party, also our 6th party, we have the pleasure of getting a renowned researcher and practitioner of online journalism as our speaker. Hauke Gierow, seasoned journalist and researcher at Mercator Institute of China Studies (MERICS), will give us a talk about China’s increasingly heavy-handed and versatile cyber security strategy, and analyze the motivations underlining these policies: Are they out of a concern of national security, or just an act of IT-Protectionism, or both? One thing is clear: in a time of shifting map of power on the internet, China is aiming to be one major power reshaping the rules.

We’ve also found a suiting background for this arcane but fascinating topic: a special bar located in a former drug store from 150 years ago. Their cocktails are serviced in lovely brass cups, and their armchairs comfortable and classy. Last time I was there, my winter-grumpiness was cured.

Venue: Apotheken Bar, Mariannenplatz 6, Berlin, Germany, Tel: 030 69518108

Time: 8pm, 24th February, 2015

Greatly looking forward to seeing you again, and start a wonderful spring together!

hauke grey

Hauke Gierow, Research Associate at Merics, where he researches Cyber Security, Internet Governance as well as Privacy. Besides working with MERICS, Hauke Gierow is also a seasoned journalist focusing on the press freedom. His research focuses on societal and political consequences of the Internet. He is a member of the Editorial Board of “Digitaler Wandel”, a German quarterly on Internet politics. Hauke Gierow studied political science and Chinese studies at Trier University.

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