Chuan’r’s Opening Party

bannerDear Chuan’rs, thank you all for coming to the opening ceremony! You made Chuan’r just as it should be: warm, inspiring, curious and relaxed. The whole evening was full of laughter and lively discussion/chitchat and promises to dine out together. I cannot imagine a better crowd in Berlin!


A big THANK YOU to Pallavi Aiyar for her exhilarating and very inspiring talk on China-India relations and the “good-smelled crisis” of Europe.

Another big THANK YOU, to our very generous and gentle owner of Shakespeare and Sons, Roman Kratochvila.

He has sacrificed a fun Friday evening to provide us with the good atmosphere and drinks. Without him our opening ceremony would not be so perfect.


In the second Chuan’r event you will hear interesting stories from a talented young American business leader who guides Chinese investors finding opportunities abroad. The invitation letter will be sent out to you this week. Looking forward to seeing you again in our next event on 13th October!

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Photos by Ariel Gan


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