image (2) bwQin Liwen, Founder and CEO

Co-founder of One Way Space (formerly named One Way Street Library), a culture landmark of Beijing, China. Veteran journalist with 12 years of experience as reporter/manager in major Chinese media, e.g. the Economic Observer and


Josh black and white

Josh Whale, committee member

Founder of Ampersand UG, a solar micro-smartgrid solutions startup for eBikes and light electric vehicles with a focus on developing countries. 6 years in Beijing and London as a lawyer at Rouse, China’s top intellectual property law practice. Former Beijing Chairman of KEA, New Zealand’s chamber of commerce.


IMG_20140818_100324Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer, Webmaster

Professor for Online Journalism at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Analytical philosopher by education, with strong inclination towards Chinese food and an unrequited love for the Chinese language in his leisure time.


Cai Wei

Cai Wei, committee member

Co-Founder of B+C Architecture Studio. A graduate from Berlin University of the Arts, she worked for various renowned firms before setting up B+C with Philipp in 2012.


huyong_black and whiteHu Yong, Beijing representative

Professor at Peking University’s School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Internet pioneer. Founding director for Communication Association of China (CAC) and China New Media Communication Association (CNMCA). 3.5 million readers read his blogs; 800,000 follow his miniblog.


Yujia's photo

Yujia, committee member

Fashion designer, cashmere brand owner. Born on the Silk Road, Fine Arts background. Studied and worked in New York, Paris and London before setting up her own studio in “cool but easy chic” Berlin. Every piece of her work tells a perfect story of beauty achieved by global efforts.