Opening Ceremony of Chuan’r Club

开业大吉Chuan’r Club, a Europe-China community of professionals from media, culture, high-tech, IT and creative industry, is going to be launched. The opening ceremony will be held in Shakespeare and Sons, an independent English bookstore in Berlin’s vibrant Friedrichshain district (Warschauer Straße 74, 10243 Berlin) at 8:00pm on 19th September, 2014. Chuan’r committee members will briefly introduce themselves and their work.

Pallavi Aiyar, renowned Indian journalist and writer, author of “Smoke and Mirror”, “China Whiskers” and “Punjabi Parmesan: Dispatches from a Europe in Crisis”, will be the first guest speaker of Chuan’r.

She will talk about her 5 years experience as a western-educated journalist in China, and how her perspectives on China change over the years as she moved from Europe to China, back to Europe and then to South East Asia.

A cocktail party will follow the talk for participants to communicate with each other and enjoy themselves. With every entrance ticket you can get a free drink. Tickets can be bought at the entrance with cash or online.

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(Picture credit: Gary Simmons via photopin cc)

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