Riesling for Chuan’r’s 3rd Party

The crowdedness of the third party exceeded our expectations. The number of participants doubled that of the second party and we saw many new faces. Each one had interesting stories of his/her own to tell. In the chic and friendly space of Not-Only-Riesling, Chuan’rs enjoyed not only riesling and snacks from our considerate host Katharina, but also Cai Wei’s informed talk with fascinating details from the urban planning in Berlin and China.

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Chuan’r’s 3rd Party: Comparing City Planning in China and Germany

Dear Chuan’rs and Chuan’r’s friends,

Apologies! A short trip to Paris has delayed my announcement for the 3rd party of Chuan’r, which will be the first Chuan’r party with a colorful presentation. Our guest speaker, Cai Wei, will compare the urban planning of China to that of Germany, based on her professional and personal experience. We will hear very interesting stories on how Chinese and German governments build their cities due to their different decision-making processes.

Time: 7:00 pm, 17th November, 2014

Venue: Not-Only-Riesling, Schleiermacherstraße 25 (am Kreuzberger Marheinekeplatz)
**Please be aware that there are two shops of Not Only Riesling. We are hosting it in the Kreuzberg shop. Continue reading Chuan’r’s 3rd Party: Comparing City Planning in China and Germany

Schnitzels for the 2nd Chuan’r Party

Check out the following photos: Chuan’r’s second party with James Doughterty as the guest speaker, talking about his experience of founding and leading Capvision, a Chinese consulting firm expanding globally. A peep into how China’s overseas investment shift its focus, and what are the challenges a Chinese company faces when heading for the world.

The party was brightened by the visit of a group of Chinese media leading figures, including renowned Professor Ying Chan of Hong Kong University,  Lifen Zhang, the Chief Editor of FT Chinese; Yang Ruichun, Deputy Chief Editor of Tencent.com; Yang Zheyu, Director of the Comment and Theory Department of Caixin Group; Tony Li, founder of China 30’s; and Yijun Zhou, former producer of Phoenix TV. The media they work with reach more than 2/3 of China’s population, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from these photos. They were very nicely eating schnitzel for the whole evening… Continue reading Schnitzels for the 2nd Chuan’r Party

22% of China’s GDP growth to be driven by web apps


Lots of things have happened during the silent days of Chuan’r blog. Hong Kong’s democratic demonstration was the biggest shock to Chinese government, but not to most Chinese mainlanders due to mainland’s very effective censorship job. Firechat, an application that allows users to connect without internet (when the government shut down the connection) became a new headache for the authority.  But technology can also be used to spy on the protestors, like a newly discovered iOS malware. The competition will go on for a while.

The other hot topic on Chinese social media is why Japan can produce so many Nobel Prize winners Continue reading 22% of China’s GDP growth to be driven by web apps

Chuan’r Party #2: Leading a Chinese private global company as an American

It’s all settled! Chuan’r’s second party will be held on 7pm, 15th October. 

Our second guest speaker, James Dougherty, is a perfect representative of a new group of international young entrepreneurs studied and worked in China. Together with some global-minded Chinese partners, he co-founded Capvision, “one of the few Chinese service companies with truly global ambitions, competing head to head with western counterparts on their home turf in Europe and the US and taking market share from these well established firms”. Continue reading Chuan’r Party #2: Leading a Chinese private global company as an American

Pallavi Aiyar’s talk at our Opening Ceremony

At our first event on September 19, 2014, the renowned Indian journalist and writer Pallavi Aiyar gave a talk at the Shakespeare & Sons bookstore in Berlin Friedrichshain. In her lively and funny talk and Q&A, Pallavi, who has worked as correspondent for the newspaper The Hindu in Beijing for many years, talked about the relationship between India and China and her personal experience in Beijing, Brussels and Djakarta (where she now lives with her husband Julio and their two sons).

Chuan’r’s Opening Party

bannerDear Chuan’rs, thank you all for coming to the opening ceremony! You made Chuan’r just as it should be: warm, inspiring, curious and relaxed. The whole evening was full of laughter and lively discussion/chitchat and promises to dine out together. I cannot imagine a better crowd in Berlin!


A big THANK YOU to Pallavi Aiyar for her exhilarating and very inspiring talk on China-India relations and the “good-smelled crisis” of Europe.

Another big THANK YOU, to our very generous and gentle owner of Shakespeare and Sons, Roman Kratochvila.
Continue reading Chuan’r’s Opening Party

Shoving money into Apple store in China

中国和苹果From today onwards I will add in more Chinese news links in my blog, because so many important and interesting news in China are not yet covered by English media. If you are really curious about certain article but cannot read Chinese, just send me an email and I can explain the gist of it to you.

These two weeks iPhone 6 remains the new star in Chinese media. Apple Pay immediately attracts some big Chinese suitors: China UnionPay, the Chinese counterpart of PayPal, is said to have reached an agreement with Apple to bring its new smartphone payment option to China. UnionPay is trying to gain an upper hand in its competition with its fearsome Chinese competitor Alipay, Continue reading Shoving money into Apple store in China

A Moon Festival fulfilled by Berlin IFA


The grand IFA in Berlin, the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances brought one cousin of mine from Taiwan and one friend from Beijing to meet me for the Moon Festival. Since the whole point of Moon Festival is to dine happily together with family and friends, I was very grateful to IFA. We shared one last remaining moon cake, and discussed about the variations of new media.

One of our topics was: will Huawei really make it, as it has announced on IFA, that it will overtake Apple in the world smartphone market in the coming two to three years? Continue reading A Moon Festival fulfilled by Berlin IFA