3D-printing Skull and “Lufthansa Cemetery”


Microsoft has 19 days to explain to Chinese government the “compatibility and bundling issues with its software”. This round of “anti-foreign-companies’-trust blitz” has achieved its intended dramatic effect, but on Chinese social media, many internet users have left sarcastic comments demanding for the same investigation on Chinese state-owned enterprises.

Old-tech sectors are in storm, but new sectors look bright. Continue reading 3D-printing Skull and “Lufthansa Cemetery”

Richest Man in China


The anti-trust blitz we mentioned on Wednesday is going to bring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Beijing in late September. China has banned the clumsy and user-hostile Windows 8 from government computers (not because it is clumsy and user-hostile though), and the government is determined to breed an authentic “made-in-China” OS (not sure how authentic it would be). Continue reading Richest Man in China

Silver Time


Hello Chuan’rs and Chuan’r watchers, time to stream the stories from China in Chuan’r style as our first event is in sight.

Many in Europe have heard about the antitrust blitz against foreign firms in China, which resulted in a restrained protest from the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC). Some like WSJ blogger Andrew Browne, would acknowledge “some multinationals have adopted sales practices in China that might be ill tolerated by customers—or regulators–in Europe or the U.S.”, but Continue reading Silver Time

Opening Ceremony of Chuan’r Club

开业大吉Chuan’r Club, a Europe-China community of professionals from media, culture, high-tech, IT and creative industry, is going to be launched. The opening ceremony will be held in Shakespeare and Sons, an independent English bookstore in Berlin’s vibrant Friedrichshain district (Warschauer Straße 74, 10243 Berlin) at 8:00pm on 19th September, 2014. Chuan’r committee members will briefly introduce themselves and their work.

Pallavi Aiyar, renowned Indian journalist and writer, author of “Smoke and Mirror”, “China Whiskers” and “Punjabi Parmesan: Dispatches from a Europe in Crisis”, will be the first guest speaker of Chuan’r.

She will talk about her 5 years experience as a western-educated journalist in China, and how her perspectives on China change over the years as she moved from Europe to China, back to Europe and then to South East Asia.

A cocktail party will follow the talk for participants to communicate with each other and enjoy themselves. With every entrance ticket you can get a free drink. Tickets can be bought at the entrance with cash or online.

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(Picture credit: Gary Simmons via photopin cc)

B2B: from Beijing to Berlin


Berlin is the rising center of prosperity and creativity in Europe, say many. Some are cynical about this prophecy. Not me. 20 years ago I heard similar things about Beijing, and Beijing did become one of the most exciting places in the world to seek wealth, creativity and adventures, at least for 2 decades or so. Berlin has a much more sustainable prospect: a social democratic tradition to hold Gini coefficient from rocketing, and many green-minded citizens to prevent the Beijing-style pollution.

My “B2B” move — from Beijing to Berlin – happened about 2 years ago, but my love affair with Berlin started much earlier, when I visited Europe for the first time in 2003. Over the years, not only the young, intelligent and ambitious creative class flushes into cool Berlin, traditional industries are also looking for inspiration here. Despite obvious differences, many things here look very similar to those in Beijing: vibrant and colorful trees of the future growing on top of the heavy weight of history and complicated challenges of the present.

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