Richest Man in China


The anti-trust blitz we mentioned on Wednesday is going to bring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Beijing in late September. China has banned the clumsy and user-hostile Windows 8 from government computers (not because it is clumsy and user-hostile though), and the government is determined to breed an authentic “made-in-China” OS (not sure how authentic it would be).

It might also be sensible for Nadella to meet Jack Ma, founder of the biggest e-commerce group, the richest man in China. Ma’s net worth is still about 1/4 of Bill Gate’s, but he might catch up soon when Alibaba launches its IPO in mid-September. That is, if Alibaba will survive the challenge of the new e-commerce venture founded by three other internet giants, Wanda, Tecent and Baidu.

While checking on this, I just learned a word, “social commerce”: “China is already ten years ahead of Western countries in social commerce”. How can this be wrong? The word summarized two biggest passion of Chinese: socializing and commerce.

After ignoring the copy right of films for many years, Youku Tudou, the biggest video website in China have learned in the past years to respect copy right. It even starts to create its own movies for theatres instead of computer screens. The future looks bright, since  traditional film companies are doing so well.

Some more sparkles: sales of aboriginal electric cars (BYD) has risen a little. Foreign hospitals are to be allowed in 7 cities and provinces. Amazon spent  $970 million to acquire online gaming startup Twitch, eyeing China, one of the larger and more innovative markets for live streaming entertainment.

Let’s talk about the Chinese teenagers (since I have one at home): Chinese parents are still sending their kids to boot camps to cure their addiction to the Internet, even though these kind of camps have killed quite a few kids. Bad, bad news. I wanted such a camp to cure myself.

One more parental concern: Chinese children are losing their ability to write with hands, making a TV spelling contest very popular.  Very encouraging news if you see it from different angel: imagining how many jobs will be created to help the new human deficiencies shaped by digital age.

(Picture credit: jdlasica via photopin cc)

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