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You must make an appointment to apply for a High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer license by calling the Licensing Unit & Exams Unit at (212) 393-2259. All documents submitted must be originals; copies will not be accepted. Candidates without appointments will not be seen. High Pressure Boiler Engineer License Renewal. > Get A Quote >

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On all stationary boilers, all new steam, feed water, condensate and blow-off piping after the first stop valve must be installed by a contractor with the appropriate permit in accordance with the High Pressure Piping Code 5230.0250 – 5230.1060. > Get A Quote >

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[PDF]Boilers work at a high heat adjacent to pressurized vessels which put their operators at a risk of burns and explosions. Burning of fuel used in boilers may lead to fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. Boiler operators come into contact with various substances used in boilers (fuel, water additives, etc.) which may lead to eye and skin disorders. > Get A Quote >

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Entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent Manufacturing Industry. Stationary engineers and boiler operators maintain, monitor, and control all sorts of mechanical equipment, including stationary engines and boilers. Their work is extremely important because it ensures that utility services continue to be provided to buildings and manufacturing locations. > Get A Quote >

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If you have boiler operator military experience and training and want to become licensed in Maine as a stationary steam engineer or boiler operator, please contact Catherine Carroll (207-624-8605) or email the office before submitting an application. Click HERE for information specific to military qualifications. Laws & Rules > Get A Quote >

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A shell or flued boiler is an early and relatively simple form of boiler used to make steam, usually for the purpose of driving a steam engine.The design marked a transitional stage in boiler development, between the early haystack boilers and the later multi-tube fire-tube boilers.A flued boiler is characterized by a large cylindrical boiler shell forming a tank of water, traversed by … > Get A Quote >

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Stationary High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineers are licensed to operate high pressure boilers in New York City. Late Renewal Fee. Portable High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer. Portable High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineers are licensed to operate portable high pressure boilers. Late Renewal Fee. Obtain a High Pressure Boiler > Get A Quote >

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This pratice exam is designed for individuals seeking to pass Boiler operator and Stationary Engineer license. This test was designed with the most accurate information to help people gain the confidence needed to pass most State, and local Boiler operator examinations. More Stationary Engineer Quizzes. Stationary Engineer Trivia Quiz. > Get A Quote >

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File Size: 58KB Low Pressure Boiler Engineer: Must have 3 months full-time experience (480 hours) in the operation of a boiler in this classification under an engineer who holds a valid low pressure or higher license or completion of a training course approved by the Department of Labor and Industry specific to low pressure boilers, a minimun of 40 hours > Get A Quote >