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Car Wash Industry StatisticsThe car wash industry is very fragmented with no one company controlling a large portion of the industry. According to the United States Census BurTypes of Car Wash FacilitiesThe following car wash facility types are offered throughout the United States in the following statistics.1. Full-service car washes – 9,000 facil5 Factors to Growing Your Car Wash BusinessThe below video outlines the five main factors to growing your car wash business. Strategies to building a high volume car wash is one of the keysRevenue of Car Wash FacilitiesDepending upon the type of facility that is owned and operated for a car wash the following statistics can dictate trends in profit and revenue.In-Increasing Roi For A Small BusinessThe following infographic outlines ways to increase your return of investment to grow your small business. Over half of small business owners have [PDF]• Car washes. These facilities can directly and indirectly impact drinking water supplies including water supply wells and surface water supplies (streams, lakes and reservoirs). > Get A Quote >

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Do I receive training from Mr. Clean Car Wash? Our current training program offers 5 weeks of hands-on experience in operating a Mr. Clean Car Wash location at a training facility/on-the-job/onsite. We also provide additional training for your management staff and a Mr. Clean Support representative will be on your site during opening. > Get A Quote >

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Make CarWashing Easy. This is a new era in commercial car washing, where the customer experience feeds your bottom line. To deliver top value, you need new parts, new car wash equipment, better car wash chemistry, superior technology, and more training – and Sonny's is leading the way. > Get A Quote >

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Car wash signs are an important part of running a car wash. They help let drive by traffic know you're open for business, the prices of your car washes and they help draw attention to your car wash. > Get A Quote >

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The facility will be the second car wash that Sarff Investments has opened in the Spokane area. The other, called the Mega Wash Express Car Wash & Detail Center, is located at 17316 E. Sprague. Sarff says the new 5,000-square-foot location will have a similar name to the Valley location. > Get A Quote >

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Author: Leann Bjerken [PDF]car washes? Several environmental rules apply to car washes—rules that affect how businesses manage wastes and help protect air and water. In this guide, the environmental issues for car washes are separated into four categories: • wash water • grit-trap waste • fuel tanks • air emissions Managing Wash Water Car-wash water contains > Get A Quote >

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A free-standing car wash tunnel with record-breaking power and processing ability, the Totally Tommy Express serves as the ultimate car wash platform. A condensed version of the Express, the Mini is a fully conveyorized tunnel that looks great and packs similar processing power on a much smaller lot. > Get A Quote >


[PDF]civilian te chnology may apply to facilities for washing vehicles in a transportation motor pool (TMP), most of which are th e wheeled, on-road type such as sedans and buses. Figure 1- 1 > Get A Quote >

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Car Wash facilities are some of the most complex and difficult to build small commercial buildings in the market today, requiring significant electrical and plumbing systems not found in other buildings, not to mention unique design features NOT understood by most architects. > Get A Quote >