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Sad Irons and Gas Powered Clothes Irons and are an easy, old-fashioned way to get your laundry looking fresh. They are easy to use and a great for saving money. > Get A Quote >

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Ironing stoves, self-heating irons, and gas. It's 1858 and you've just heard of the wonderful, new self-heating irons. They're going to make life so much easier: no more running backwards and forwards to a hot stove or fire to change a cool flat iron for a freshly heated one, > Get A Quote >

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clothes White gas powered clothes iron 'The Monitor', patent date Apr 14 1903. Rusty iron comes complete with metal fuel cylinder, black handle, and cast iron trivet. Iron measures 10 inches in length by 7.25 inches tall by 3 inches wide and weighs 6 pounds! > Get A Quote >

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clothes Jul 30, 2017· Using a pipe, the iron would be connected to the house’s gas line or to a canister. The gas flowed to a burner, which when lit would heat the iron. The pipe was designed so it would stay out of the way of the user. > Get A Quote >

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Jul 20, 2018· These LPG-powered iron boxes will be handy for commercial launderers and those who press clothes on push carts on road sides. The … > Get A Quote >

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Click to view on Bing5:46Oct 24, 2013· The iron contains a burner to which the gas flows. The heated iron can be thus be used to iron out creased clothes. The temperature in the heating pad is maintained by regulating the supply of gas… > Get A Quote >

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Linen Smoothers: Stones, Glass, PressesFlattish hand-size stones could be rubbed over woven cloth to smooth it, polish it, or to press in pleated folds. Simple round linen smoothers madeMangle Boards, Box ManglesEven in modest homes with no presses, large items needed to be tackled with something bigger than a slickstone. They could be smoothed with a manglBox Irons, Charcoal IronsIf you make the base of your iron into a container you can put glowing coals inside it and keep it hot a bit longer. This is a charcoal iron, and t Dec 09, 2009· Lighting an old Coleman gasoline iron that is part of my old Coleman gas lamps and such. > Get A Quote >

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  • Antique Iron Heated By Natural Gas Butane/Gas Clothes Irons Featuring old fashion butane and gasoline clothes irons. Amish made clothes irons are still be used in the Amish communities and by others living off-grid. > Get A Quote >

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Vintage Gas Iron, great original vintage blue color, farmouse shabby chic, very clean, nice collectible, makes a great display PickersWarehouse 5 out of 5 stars (182) $ 89.00 > Get A Quote >

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Price: $229 Jan 02, 2013· Gasoline, alcohol, carbide-acetylene, kerosene, and other fuels could cause a fire or explode. Some irons were heated by natural gas from a gaslight or other source in the house. If your iron were in excellent condition, if would sell for about $75. An iron with chipped enamel, like yours, is worth about $50. > Get A Quote >