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The boiler is equipped with a stainless steel fecralloy fiber mesh burner and is available Slant/Fin VSL Modulating Condensing Gas Stainless Steel Boiler with Domestic Hot Water 30,000 to 160,000 BTU Input-VSL-160C - The Home Depot > Get A Quote >

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May 24, 2016· For the past few decades, an increasingly popular space heating option is a system with a modulating condensing (mod-con) boiler. Because these boilers can potentially have a high efficiency (90-95% or higher), they are often promoted by state and utility subsidy programs. > Get A Quote >

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Our wall-mounted condensing boilers convert Natural Gas or Propane into heat with unprecedented efficiency, helping to stretch our precious supply of fossil fuels well into the future. We are dedicated to finding new and better ways to utilize the world’s dwindling energy resources while providing superior comfort, reliability and fuel savings to our customers. > Get A Quote >

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I think your idea of a 105 mod con is perfect. A non modulating boiler will short cycle excessively. The mod con will likely have a low end of 20,000 btu. It will run at peak efficiency at this rate. It looks like this is almost a perfect match with one zone calling.As for the DHW I think the 105 will work well. > Get A Quote >

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Modulating burners are designed to control the burner output (size of flame) to match the boilers variable load requirements, during this process the burner is designed to stay at the correct fuel air ratios across the complete firing range ensuring maximum combustion and boiler efficiencies. > Get A Quote >

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Modulating definition, to regulate by or adjust to a certain measure or proportion; soften; tone down. See more. > Get A Quote >

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A modulating control steam heating boiler: Choose one answer. a. Is always fully automatic b. Will have a narrow operating pressure range c. Maintains a steady boiler pressure > Get A Quote >

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Feb 23, 2018· The benefits of boiler modulation are threefold; it reduces cycle losses, it reduces the wear on the components, and it can (but not necessarily as shown later in this article) result in higher thermal efficiencies. But aside from the benefits, what are the impacts of firing rate modulation … > Get A Quote >

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Price: $4790.80 The GWM-IE boiler offers an efficiency of up to 95% AFUE, meaning it converts up to 95% of its fuel into useable heat. Fuel flexibility lets you use either natural or LP gas as a heat source. > Get A Quote >

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A modulating furnace is the category term used to describe other-than single stage furnaces while the term two-stage furnace indicates that the furnace has two motor speeds. Essentially, a two-stage furnace is a member of the modulating furnace "family." Additional types of modulating furnaces include condensing furnaces and high-efficiency models. > Get A Quote >

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Rinnai M-Series boilers offer faster, easier installation with Rinnai M-Series boilers offer faster, easier installation with the compact and lightweight design and convenient mounting brackets. These boilers offer efficient heating with a modulating pump for consistent temperature control of water used in the heating system, efficient gas and less electrical consumption. > Get A Quote >